This blog is going to track the process of modifying my 2002 Subaru WRX in an effort to increase performance while maintaining reliability. This is going to be a learning experience for me and I hope this blog will become a good reference for those looking to do something similar.

Friday, October 07, 2005

JE Forged Pistons and Rings / Catless Bellmouth Downpipe

Well I struck a deal with a good guy on ClubWRX for a catless downpipe and a set of JE forged pistons and rings. They both are barely used (less than 4k miles) and are in great shape. I'm getting the pistons, rings and downpipe shipped to me from Oregon for $340 :). Quite the deal if I must say so. Many thanks to al5dsm.

Here's a link to information on the JE Forged Pistons.

Here's the thread on the downpipe.

I'm also currently the winning bidder on an eBay auction for a stock upipe at $29 + ~$8 S&H.

And so it begins....



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